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A new high tech scanner will help Trauma Hospital doctors save lives

20 October 2022

Health and Covid-19 Response

Sometimes, after a day packed with back-to-back meetings and tackling endless work issues and big and small challenges, it is easy to overlook a full-picture and forget about the impact we are making in people's lives. A recent visit to the main Trauma Hospital in Tirana, that treats on average 500 emergency patients per month from all over Albania, and a chance to talk to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Health and the doctors working for the hospital reminded how our daily teamwork puzzle together to result in a real and tangible change in the lives of people we serve.

Health professionals couldn’t conceal their excitement when they showed the Prime Minister a new CT scanner  procured within COVID-19 emergency response project implemented by UNOPS Albania and funded through a World Bank loan to the Albanian Government, led by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.

“This is the newest device that came to our hospital and to Albania. It is the latest generation that is suitable for all types of examinations that this hospital covers. With this device we can accurately examine the patient's entire body in just three minutes. And now we can examine 20 patients in just one hour”- underlined Dr. Elvis Veli, the Head of Radiology Imaging Department.

“I have seen many emergency patients in my life. I have seen people, especially young people, who lost their lives because it was not possible to diagnose them correctly and quickly enough. But now, with this scanner, our doctors can accurately detect fractures or hemorrhages, giving many people a chance to survive"- noted Dr. Admir Mustafa, a Radiology doctor.

“UNOPS has been constantly cooperating with us all the time while working both on the infrastructure, setting up the room and installing the equipment, modifying it in line with our needs” - noted Edlira Bode, an Otorhinolaryngology doctor and the Director of the Trauma Hospital.

“Up to now we have made the largest investment ever in biomedical equipment for both inpatient and outpatient services. We will install 18 digital x-rays (mobile and installed), four CT scanners and one angiography. UNOPS colleagues have made it possible to realize these investments very quickly, while in parallel completing renovation of the Infectious Disease Clinic” - noted the Minister.

Earlier this year, in order to improve the quality and speed of diagnosis, UNOPS supplied eight hospitals in Rrogozhinë, Mallakaster, Përmet, Tepelenë, Tropojë, Pukë, Divjakë and Mirditë with state of art mobile digital X-Rays, as a part of World Bank EUR 544,704.00 investment. In addition to procuring the equipment and upgrading the facilities, UNOPS has provided training to the medical staff. Patients in these communities now have access to top-quality, digitized X-Ray diagnostics.


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