UN Country Team in Albania runs stakeholder consultations on the new GoA-UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework 2022-26

Cooperation Framework is the most important instrument to meeting the pledges towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Seventeen UN Agencies, Funds and Programmes with representation in Albania led by the Resident Coordinator Office in cooperation with the Government of Albania are running stakeholder consultations on the Albania-UN new Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (2022-26). This Cooperation Framework is the most important instrument to ensuring the adequate planning and implementation of development activities to keep Albania on track to meet the pledges towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

UN Country Team Albania in a recent consultation with key Ambassadors and Senior Representatives of development partners: European Union, United States, OSCE, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, China, France, Spain et al. on the new GoA-UN Cooperation Framework for Sustainable Development 2022-26.


Over 100 senior representatives from Government entities and the UNCT had detailed discussions on the draft CF ahead of a final draft CF that will be shared with stakeholders.

Following initial work to identify the trends as well as the key priorities of focus in the new Programme, in December the UN Country Team conducted a series of consultations involving experts across UN system, key stakeholders and partners to setting the strategic priorities for the new Cooperation Framework and intervention outcomes results framework.

Photo: CF Consultations across UN system

Civil society has a key role to develop and push the development agenda. No development action could be fulfilled without the active participation of and advocacy of civic entities. The consultations with CSOs in November provided significant insights that will be reflected in the ongoing CF development work. Representatives of SCOs underlined the importance of UN’s work with those most left behind: disadvantaged groups from youth, women, people with disabilities and other vulnerable communities.

CF consultations with CSOs.

Consultations with the business and entrepreneurial sector were most effective for understanding the current trends that will influence the development agenda. There was a wealth of expertise by the private sector on the key development areas such as green economy and developments in digital space.

CF Consultations with private sector partners

The UNCT has now established a UN Youth Advisory Group (UNYAG) that represents the country and across various social segments.  The UNYAG has already started working to gather opinions of more through a public youth survey which asks specific question as for the youth priorities that need be targeted in the CF. Results of the youth survey are expected to come out by mid-January 2021.

Public Youth survey run by UNYAG

In the next phase of CF development, the UNCT will have detailed discussions with Albanian Government and Parliament ahead of a final draft CF that will be shared with stakeholders. 

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