Albania: Common Country Analysis 2020

This Common Country Analysis (CCA) for Albania is a core analytical function carried out by UN Agencies in Albania which will serve to the development of the United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (CF) 2022-2026. The CCA will serve as a basis for the CF prioritization exercise, the definition of outcomes, and subsequent development of the overall CF theory of change. The CCA is prepared fully in-house with expertise from UN Agencies members of the UN Country Team, including non-resident agencies, secretariat departments such as UNDPPA, regional offices of UN entities such as OHCHR, UNECE, UNDRR and others.The methodology was focused primarily on desk review, mapping and sourcing current reference data and material. The process was managed by the UNCT, CCA Task Force, and UNRCO to enable an independent, collective, integrated, forward-looking, and evidence-based analysis of the country context.

This document is a living document and the information contained herein is subject to change. The assessment was made based upon available research and using the most recent available data. This document reflects analysis emerging as part of Covid-19 Socio Economic Plan for Albania.

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