UN Youth Advisory Group


Start: 2023-06-23
End: 2024-06-23

The UN Albania Youth Advisory Group is a group of individuals and representatives of UN Albania’s stakeholders who have been nominated/selected to advise the UN in Albania Country Team (UNCT) on key youth issues of importance. Members of the UN Youth Advisory Group will have access to a wealth of opportunities to learn and involved in the UN programmes in Albania, learn about the functioning of the United Nations globally and provide suggestions to the UNCT about how programmes can better address Albania’s youth and include a youth perspective in their components. 

UNYAG's first project was to assist in developing the “Youth” component/part of the UN Common Country Analysis for Albania (CCA) and advised in shaping youth interventions under the new Albania-UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework 2022-26. They will assist in strengthening partnership of UN Albania with youth organizations and young people.

The call for expression of interest was open from 3-22 March 2023. 55 Applications were received from across the 4 regions of the country North Albania (Prefectures of Shkodra, Kukës, Lezha); Central Albania (Prefectures of Dibër, Tirana, Elbasan); West Albania (Prefectures of Durrës, Fier, Vlorë) and South Albania (Prefectures of Gjirokastër, Korca, Berat).

Meet the team:

The Current Membership of UNYAG (updated 10/07/2023) is as below

  • Suela Tahiraj            
  • Jonas Kepi       
  • Ema Meçaj                                                                                                    
  • Debora Kolgegaj   
  • Matilda Zani
  • Gëzim Hilaj            
  • Redi Asabella           
  • Sara Dungaj            
  • Kletias Bilaj    
  • Anja Mehmeti
  • Erjon Lleshi                    


Goals we are supporting through this initiative

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