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UN Albania raises awareness on the impacts of climate change and proposes available adaptation options that contribute to the achievement of SDGs

20 September 2021


The UN Resident Coordinator in Albania, Fiona McCluney and high representatives of FAO in Albania visited yesterday the Kune-Vain Lagoon in Lezha as part of events taking place during the SDG Week 2021 in Albania.

FAO in Albania is currently working closely with the Administrate for Protected Areas (APA) in Lezha to raise awareness of the impacts of climate change in the lagoon areas and proposing available adaptation options that contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.

Caption: Meeting with staff of the Authority of Protected Areas in Lezha
Photo: © UN Albania

Kune-Vain Lagoon is about 8 kilometers from the city of Lezha and very close to the coastal town of Shengjin. The lagoon includes marine, , wetland, forests, shrubs and meadows, which intertwine beautifully with each-other.

Distinguished for the great variety its flora and fauna with about 227 species of plants, 17 species of mollusks, 10 species of amphibians, 24 species of reptiles, various species of fish such as mullet, sea bass, coca, eel. Particularly rich is the world of birds (196 migratory and permanent species), described as "Mediterranean ornithology", 23 species of mammals: rabbit, fox, wolf, wild boar, etc.

In an open discussion with APA representatives, Ms Cluney said that it is very important for people to understand that climate change is real - as is the case for the lagoon and surrounding areas and that everyone has a role to play.

Caption: UN visit to Kune-Vain Lagoon, Lezha

Extreme weather events such as floods, droughts and cyclones are having significant impacts on the farmers’ households, small businesses and family farmers in the wetland, lagoon and surrounding areas.

FAO experts have advised for adaptation actions such as: Reforestation along the coastal shore to prevent the seawater flood and the erosion of the bank; maintenance of the water communication channels to maintain the water flow from the sea and to improve water quality and fish stock that the local fishermen will benefit; development of the soil and water management strategy to increase the productivity of soil and lagoon waters and, ecosystem services models evaluation on quality water, habitat, and sediment stabilization services to the local system.

Caption: UN Resident Coordinator at the Visitor Centre of the Kune-Vain lagoon in Lezha
Photo: © UN Albania

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