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FAO supports Albania in EU integration and policy in agriculture and rural development

17 November 2021

  • Supporting Albania to develop comprehensive agricultural policies for family farms, promote rural development, rural well-being and heritage preservation.

The new project "EU Integration and Policy Support in Agriculture and Rural Development", funded by FAO, was launched in support of Albania to develop comprehensive agricultural policies for family farms, promote rural development, rural well-being and heritage preservation. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Frida Krifca and the FAO Representative for Albania, Raimund Jehle, praised that the project as one of the recommendations of the Progress Report for the Chapter on Agriculture and Rural Development in accordance with European Union.

Photo: © FAO Albania

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Frida Krifca stressed that the orientation of Albanian agriculture is clearly well defined by the government's ambition to become a member of the European Union. And in this context, the preconditions set by the acquis communautaire, which relate to the approximation of legislation and regulatory framework for the creation of the right environment, as well as the proper functioning of the common European policy, become compasses for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

"An important part of the recommendations clearly defined in the EU progress reports, are returned to the Ministry in priorities, such as the farm register to be completed within 2021, the legal framework for organic agriculture, quality policies, the law on wine, and other recommendations in relation to Chapter 11 of the Progress Report on Agriculture and Rural Development. Specifically, work will begin on another EU recommendation, "Drafting the implementation policy for the Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN)", very important for the farm economy, for a much better follow-up policy, under the direction of the Ministry of Agriculture", added minister Frida Krifca.

Thanking FAO for the commitment and cooperation in support of this request of the European Union, Minister Krifca reiterated her commitment to coordinate the agenda of technical cooperation with FAO, for the agreement and the necessary importance of maintaining farm records.

FAO Representative for Albania, Raimund Jehle praised Albania's efforts in the framework of EU membership and integration of the agriculture, fisheries, and forestry sector, and in this context expressed the FAO readiness in support of the Albanian Government to provide relevant expertise to required.

"The new FAO Strategic Framework 2022 - 2031, with the emphasis on better production, better nutrition, better environment and better life underscores this approach, but at the same time ensures that we are supporting our member countries in these efforts, and Albania as a member of FAO", stressed Jehle. He underlined the National Dialogue on Food Systems approach earlier this year and the developed pathways shows the potential of the agri-food sector, but also the challenges to be achieved in this context.

During his speech, Jehle also emphasized on the agreement signed between the United Nations Country team and the Albanian Government on the new UN Cooperation Framework for Albania, where one of the key outcomes is resilient and green growth. "The agri-food sector is a key part of this framework, in the same way contributing to the achievement of the green deal, “Farm to fork" and the biodiversity strategy of the European Union," added Raimund Jehle, FAO Representative for Albania.

The project will enable the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to reach new stages such as: establishing a strong farm data-based decision-making process (FADN system), improvements in the legal framework in the approximation with EU rules for quality policy and organic farming, addressing the marketing standards and policy monitoring with program evaluation, considering how institutionally to support food promotion and food export, improving the advisory service for farmers, setting up an operational price information system of addressing the impact of climate change on farmers and small producers.


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