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Renovation works started at the Infectious Disease Clinic in Tirana

12 April 2022

Covid-19 Response

As a part of the COVID-19 emergency response project, UNOPS in Albania commenced renovation works at the Infectious Diseases Clinic (IDC) within the Mother Teresa Hospital in Tirana. The works, worth EUR 5.61 million, will transform the IDC into a state-of-the-art modern clinic, serving more than 10,000 patients annually.

Working closely with the doctors, nurses, engineers and medical experts, UNOPS in Albania developed a comprehensive design that ensured that professional health services are provided, and the clinic premises become more accessible to all the people, in particular those with special needs. After renovation, the clinic will have 16 emergency beds, 8 Intensive Care Units (ICU) and 87 ward beds that improve life-saving medical services to the people in need. All the beds will have access to the medical air and oxygen. In order to minimize the risk of spreading the airborne infections at the hospital, rooms are pressurized, and high-tech air filtration systems will be installed in line with the international standards.

“This investment will contribute to our efforts on responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and mitigating its impact. This clinic will set an example for the entire country on how to organize response to a health crisis”- noted Ogerta Manastirliu, the Minister of Health of Albania, inaugurating the renovation works at the Clinic.

“We are proud to work alongside our partners from the Ministry of Health and the World Bank to provide world-class equipment and technical expertise that will strengthen the capacity of the Albanian healthcare professionals. As a result of the works, both medical staff and patients will benefit from the renovated and improved facilities and thousands of people will have access to high-quality healthcare” - noted Pamela Lama, Country Manager of the UNOPS in Albania.

Renovation works started at the Infectious Disease Clinic in Tirana

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