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UNDP - Accreditation of Vocational Education and Training Schools in Albania: A Milestone for Quality Education and Employment Opportunities

02 March 2023

Photo: ©UNDP Albania

The accreditation of vocational education and training schools in Albania (VET) represents a significant milestone towards ensuring quality education and improving employment opportunities for young people in the country.

In the context of the  Swiss-funded Skills Development for Employment Programme, UNDP has been working closely with develop a quality assurance framework for VET. This involved the development of an accreditation model, procedures, criteria, and standards, as well as capacity development for the National Agency for VET and Qualifications and external evaluators who are in charge to asses the criteria for accreditation.

As a result, six VET providers successfully completed the accreditation process and received certification, with five public and one private provider receiving the accreditation seal.

A  ceremonial gathering  to celebrate the accreditation of these six providers brought together key stakeholders in the sector, including representatives from the Swiss Development and Cooperation and representatives from VET schools.

Going forward, UNDP, in partnership with the Government of Switzerland, will continue to support Albanian institutions in advancing the VET system reform, addressing skills gaps, promoting lifelong learning, and reducing unemployment. This will ensure that the VET system is capable of meeting the changing demands of the labor market and supporting economic growth in Albania.

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