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Puppet show in Albania increases vaccination awareness among children and parents

22 December 2023


In a captivating blend of creativity and public health promotion efforts, a puppet show, "Mister Stethoscope", has taken centre stage in Albania, aiming to strengthen community acceptance of vaccines and addressing misinformation. Conceived by the WHO Country Office of Albania and supported financially by the European Union, this innovative initiative caters to young audiences, utilizing puppetry as a powerful medium to convey the importance of vaccines and vaccination for every individual and overall public health.

Crafted by a talented artistic crew from the National Puppet Theatre of Albania, "Mister Stethoscope" features vaccine puppets, bringing to life essential vaccines, including against measles/mumps/rubella  (MMR), human papillomavirus (HPV), and others. The show emphasizes the pivotal role vaccines play in preventing infectious diseases and helps promote accurate information about vaccination. Through music and play, young audiences and their guardians receive important messages for their health and their future.

Photo: © WHO Albania

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