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Explore Albania's Development with our Interactive Data Snapshot

06 March 2024

Dive into Albania's journey towards sustainable development with our newly developed, Albania Interactive Development Data Snapshot, supported by online volunteer engaged through UNV’s Online Volunteering Programme.

Powered by Power BI, this tool offers an unparalleled look into Albania's economic, social, and environmental data, along with achievements and dynamics related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With its user-friendly design, the Dashboard allows for personalized exploration through customizable filters, letting you focus on the specific years, sectors, or SDG achievements that interest you most. Organized into several intuitive tabs, it starts with a general overview, progresses through the four Outcome areas of the Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework 2022-2026 for Albania, and concludes with a detailed look at SDG progress.

All data presented is publicly available and sourced from credible institutions, compiled here for easy access, use, and quick analysis. As such, UN Albania is not endorsing any of the sources or numbers, but rather pooling them together for ease of access, use, graphical representation, and quick analysis potential. 

We've designed this tool not just to inform but to inspire deeper insights into Albania's development path. We invite you to start your exploration today and uncover the numerous, insightful ways Albania's publicly available data is presented. 

For further information, please contact Aljaz Kuncic, RCO Economist, at


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