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WHO to support Albania's progress towards achieving hospital autonomy

31 May 2024

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A mission of experts from the World Health Organization visited Albania during May to support the country's progress towards achieving hospital autonomy. The mission aimed to identify the critical components of hospital autonomy and the requirements for making this process successful. 

Photo: © WHO Albania

The mission, led by Mafaten Chaouali, Technical Officer of the WHO Europe office for Hospitals, Quality and Patient Safety, and Eric de Roodenbeke, Senior International Expert on Hospital Policy, met with key officials from the Ministry of Health and Social Protection. They visited several regional hospitals, examined the functioning of various healthcare institutions, gathered information from hospital managers, staff, and service users, and organized a round table discussion with stakeholders to develop a common vision on the role and functions of hospitals and the institutional regulations affecting hospital performance.

The strategic shift towards decentralizing administrative and financial control to individual hospitals aims to increase their ability to address local healthcare needs more effectively. WHO will continue to support Albania, providing technical support and guidance, including tools and methodologies to improve hospital performance under the autonomy framework, ensuring compliance with international best practices and contributing to the overall increase in the quality of health services in Albania.

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