UN Albania message on gender-based domestic violence in the context of Covid-19

  • If you - or anyone you know – feels in danger, call the national hotline 116117, or the police 129.

As the fight against the COVID-19 continues, self-isolation and lockdown increase the risk of domestic gender based violence. In times when the home becomes the ultimate safe haven for the population, this is not the case for victims of domestic abuse: they are confined under the same roof with their perpetrators, they struggle to receive help from their families or social networks, and they fear that reporting violence could put them in greater danger. They become even more vulnerable.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic we have continued to receive information about cases of domestic violence in Albania. Maintaining undisrupted access to protection and social support is essential now. Referral mechanisms must remain functional and provide the full range of services prescribed in the law. Protection orders should be issued any time there is danger, and fully implemented, including by having the perpetrator leave the home instead of the victim.

If you - or anyone you know – feel in danger, call the national hotline 116 - 117, or the police 129.


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