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UN Resident Coordinator Fiona McCluney meets with President Meta

30 September 2020

Caption: President Meta and UN Resident Coordinator McCluney
Photo: © Office of President of Albania

- SDG acceleration is important for meeting Albania’s strategic objectives

Newly appointed UN Resident Coordinator in Albania, Ms. Fiona McCluney met with H.E. President Ilir Meta at the Office of the President, on Tuesday. During the meeting, President Meta and the highest UN diplomat in the country discussed bilateral relationship between Albania the United Nations.  President Meta expressed gratitude for the role of UN Agencies in Albania in promoting human rights, as well as providing support to Albanian institutions in implementing the recommendations of international human rights organizations.

Both interlocutors stressed the importance of accelerating the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 for Albania, which are in line with Albania’s strategic objective for EU integration. Ms Cluney confirmed the commitment of UN agencies in Albania to support to Albania’s post-earthquake rebuilding efforts and Covid-19 Response and Recovery.

UN Resident Coordinator Fiona McCluney meets with President Meta


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